Residential Security Services


Alarm systems: Customized full security systems for any home. Protect your home, family and assets with state-of-the-art security sensors for windows and doors, motion sensors, panic buttons and a dedicated control panel so that you can safely and completely monitor all of your home security features at your convenience.

Home automation: Total control over your home means the ultimate in convenience and safety. Let NasCo Security make your home into a smart home that allows you to control your lights, window shades, burglar alarms, temperature and video security, all from remotes and even mobile devices.

Video security systems: Never worry about what’s going on in your home after we install some of our high-tech video surveillance systems. High-quality, highly visible security cameras deter burglars from attempting to invade your home while allowing you to see exactly what’s happening in and around your house anytime, anywhere.

Video doorbells: The old fisheye aperture in your front door is a thing of the past. Get a clear, complete look at who is requesting entrance to your home every time the doorbell rings. Whether it’s a salesman, postal worker, friend, family member or stranger, you’ll have complete confidence in who you are or are not allowing to gain entry.


Access control systems: Access control systems allow you to decide which areas of your business are on or off limits and to whom. Keep sensitive areas away from new or less reliable employees while making sure anyone who needs access has it. You’ll know exactly who is in which parts of your business and when for total peace of mind.

Alarm systems: What we do to protect homes all over the UK we can also do for your business, with reliable motion sensors, door and window sensors, panic buttons, temperature sensors and more.

Video security systems: Let one of the top commercial security camera installation companies in UK help protect your business. Reduce shrinkage and deter break-ins and vandalism attempts with high-definition security cameras keeping a watchful eye both inside and outside your business.

Commercial Security Services

Take the first step towards fortifying your security by reaching out to us today. Contact us to gain insight into our comprehensive array of security services, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through our offerings and assist you in creating a customised security solution that ensures peace of mind. Connect with us now and prioritise the safety of what matters most to you.